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I'm Dr. Qaali Hussein

I'm a mom of six.  I'm also a full-time double-board-certified trauma surgeon.  After completing my surgical training while having all six of my children, I was hit with the reality of an unwelcoming workplace that saw my personal and professional achievements as "Nothing!"


This...after spending years being told that it was IMPOSSIBLE to have children while training to be a surgeon. 

I never expected that my hard work and professional achievements would be overshadowed by the fact that I chose to hold onto my values and prioritize my family.

I realized that if my achievements could be minimized to NOTHING despite the obstacles I've had to overcome, I had to find a different career strategy to navigate a workplace that wasn't welcoming me. 

Through much trial and error, I was forced to discover a new strategic career approach that allowed me to thrive in my career in spite of my environment doing what I love. And I had to do it while maintaining the balance I needed to raise my children.

Now I use my own personal struggle and success to help people just like you to achieve your career and life goals without compromising your values and personal goals.  I’ll show you how to take up space as your authentic self and advance your career on your own terms without having to sacrifice your faith or family and without burning yourself out being a "superwoman." 

"I definitely agree that is possible for women to pursue their ambitious career goals, but at the same time, I am very aware of the influences that discriminating work and organisational policies have on the ability of women to pursue these goals. My introduction to the Defiance Academy's work...has helped me see the possibilities out there. It helped me realize the importance of challenging discriminating policies and personnel and how I can make these systems work for me."


- Fatemah Osman 


"I often felt alone in my journey and I was determined to find someone who shared my background and that's why I discovered Dr. Qaali Hussein and I immediately enrolled in her Taking Up Space course.  And let me tell you...that was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Prior to the course, for example, I was often discouraged by those who believed that someone like me could never become a physician. And because I took this course, it has opened up my eyes and instilled a new found belief in myself. Dr. Qaali reminds us of the challenges we will face on our journey and she teaches us how to navigate them."

- Deqa Mohamed 

"Dr. Hussein has offered much-need guidance to women of color physiciansvia a series called Taking UP SPace: A Masterclass on Defying Norms and Setting Your Own Standards.  Through this personal and professional development platform, Dr. Hussein has offered valuable skills on how physician women of color need to defy the norm so that we can achieve our dreams and maintain our values in a filed that expects people to sacrifice everything in service of their profession."

- Sondos Al Sad, MD, MPH.          Family Medicine 



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